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Moreton Bay

Get ready to soar above the scenic beauty of Redcliffe with breath-taking panoramic views that stretch as far as the eye can see. Located at Bicentennial Park, Woody Point, this iconic Ferris Wheel promises not just a ride, but an adventure filled with wonder and excitement for all ages.

Fully wheelchair accessible!

31st May - 27th Oct 2024

Caloundra Rainbow .jpg


Experience the magic of the Hot 91.1fm Ferris Wheel at the fountain area on Kings Beach Esplanade! Marvel at breathtaking views of the Sunshine Coast and Kings Beach. Standing tall at 35 meters, it's the ideal setting to transform everyday moments into unforgettable memories!

10th May to 21st July 2024

Currently, Skyline Attractions operates two locations, please click the BUTTONS above for your location!

Caloundra sunset .jpg

SkyLine’s gondolas offer the best views in the world, through modern clear perspex glass.


Embarking and disembarking is made simple with dual inward only folding doors, enabling a safe, efficient entry and exit from each gondola.

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