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Frequently Asked questions 

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When is the Ferris wheel open?

Click into each location above for opening times

I have purchased tickets online, do I have to book a day or a time to come to the wheel?

There is no need to book a day or a time, just show up. Please have your tickets ready to be scanned at the ticket box. Please allow extra time for queue and for filling in your COVID tracing information.

I have purchased tickets online, does this mean I can just jump the queue?

If you have purchased tickets online you do not need to queue at the ticket box. Simply enter via the side door of the ticket box. You will need to have your tickets ready to be scanned and be ready to fill out your COVID tracing information. 

Do I have to book a gondola if there is just 2 people. We just don’t want to be put in a gondola with anyone else?

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to mix social groups, so if you are less than 3 people, you can purchase single tickets and you will not be put with another group.

Can you operate in this wind?

We can operate in wind speeds of up to 50kms per hour. We regularly check the wind and monitor the speed. Should we close at any point for longer than 2 hours we will post on our social media sites, however we cannot control the wind, so we may not know when we will reopen again. Please phone us for up to date information on 0414 908 863.


Are there any restrictions for children?

No restrictions apply to children, unless the children wish to ride by themselves, in which case they need to be older than 11, and taller than 140cm


Can pets ride?

Unfortunately not, unless they are a service animal and are wearing their uniform.


I’m scared of heights, is it very scary?

Everyone’s level of fear is different, however as a team we feel you are too busy looking out to the sides to realise how high up you are.


Does a child under 2 count as a Person in the gondola?

Yes, we can only have a maximum of 6 heads per gondola for safety. This includes infants.



Is the Ferris Wheel wheelchair accessible?

The Glenelg Ferris wheel is fully wheelchair accessible with a specially designed gondola. However in St.Kilda, we do have ramps in place, however there is a couple of steps into and out of the gondolas, which may not be suitable for mobility impaired customers. 

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