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The SkyLine wheel is designed and manufactured to TUV standards and ASTM standards, (world-wide recognized amusement standards), and is inspected throughout the manufacturing process. The manufacturer of SkyLine is ISO 9001 certified, (the norm which determines requirements for the quality management systems at the organisation). They are the only Ferris Wheel company in the world that is ISO 9001 certified. Each step of the manufacturing process is over seen by German TUV officials.


The SkyLine’s design and calculations have also been verified and aligned with Australia Standards by experienced Australian engineers and Worksafe authorities. A state of the art computer-controlled loading and balancing system, knows how many cars are full and the weight on the wheel at any time, and assists the operator in making a smooth and safe ride for every patron. The computer system can be remotely accessed 24/7 for diagnostic repairs and updates by the manufacturer. SkyLine’s design has 4 additional towers extending from the axel to the corners of its footprint making the structure extremely stable in the wind.


SkyLine always has a back-up generator on site, ready for immediate change over, should power failure occur. The ride has four electrically driven motors and can be operated safely with only three. If all else fails a battery back-up on the computer system will assist a well-practised manual evacuation. An experience crew will perform over 80% of the assembly and disassembly work at ground level. With only a small number of tasks being performed at height, where qualified personal make use of work platforms and fall arrest systems to complete the installation and perform inspections.


Daily, weekly and monthly inspections and maintenance schedules, along with annual NDT and critical components analysis keep the ride to the high standard it was manufactured and ensure it is safe for all patrons to enjoy. Records of the above are available upon request for verification along with all safety paperwork, including Public Liability, Risk Assessments and Safe Work Method Statements, Annual Engineer and Electrical Sign Offs, Registrations and High-risk Licenses.





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